Briget Boyle

Singer, songwriter, guitar player based in Oakland, CA


Briget Boyle is a singer-songwriter and guitar player based in Oakland, CA. With training in fields as diverse as Balkan folk singing, African drum and dance, Swedish massage, and theatre tech, Briget is an engaging and complex performer who brings a lifetime of discovery and struggle to her music.

Briget began singing backup for her mother, Karen Tobin, at the age of 7, and working for her father Tim Boyle in Hollywood’s film scoring studios at 14. It was then that she found her creative voice and began writing songs. Love, loss, loneliness–she experienced those foundational triumphs and tragedies throughout her formative years and they kept her writing through high school and into college.

Briget’s musical development was supercharged in 2000 by her discovery of Balkan music. This style--which had nothing to do with her own--would eventually claim her musicianship for a time. Briget first attended the Balkan Music and Dance workshop in Mendocino, CA, in 2003 and became hooked on the music she found there. Shortly thereafter, Briget moved to Oakland to sing with Kitka Eastern European Women’s Vocal Ensemble, one of the most respected American groups performing Balkan folk music today. She sang with Kitka for eight years, and was also lead singer and percussionist for the Balkan band Brass Menažeri for nine years.

She currently performs with True Life Trio, an innovative vocal ensemble that explores music from the Balkans and the Americas. The trio sings traditional music as well as original arrangements and compositions. They were commissioned by the East Bay Community Foundation to create a new work entitled Like Never and Like Always, which premiered in November 2014. The studio recording is now available.

As True Life Trio begins to expand its creative boundaries, Briget is also reclaiming her own style as a solo artist, taking her diverse life experiences and musical influences and weaving them seamlessly into poignant vignettes. You can see yourself in the stories she tells of following the wrong person down what you already know is the wrong road; of trying to connect with someone who has always been too far away; of feeling the first meaningful touch from someone who will one day love you the most.

Briget’s first solo album, The Parts Interior, is now available on Showcasing Briget’s own talents as well as those of Bay Area musicians Aaron Kierbel, Mike Shiono, Matt Szemela and others, The Parts Interior is the cornerstone of Briget’s future as someone who sings of the depths and heights of her own self in a way that touches everyone who listens.


Photographer: April Renae