Girl Power: Women in the Music Industry Conference

Today, I attended the Girl Power: Women in the Music Industry conference. As a woman working in the music industry, I walked away feeling a sense of empowerment and possibility. I also felt a little bit overwhelmed by all the things that I learned, but I take that overwhelm as a gift and now all I have to do is sift through and see what I can do right now to move toward my goals.  

Currently, I wear many hats within the industry. I straddle the creative artist side, the production side, and the record executive side. I am a singer-songwriter and vocalist, performing and creating my own music and music in collaboration with others. For my day job, I work as the production manager for the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. And in yet another life (oh wait—it is actually just this life), I work as the creative executive for Waxsimile Productions, a new record company started by my awesome father, Tim Boyle. I also teach vocal lessons and workshops, and work as an executive assistant. Phew!

With all of these roles, I struggle to find focus—to find balance. I find I spend most of my time working and very rarely really get to write. In fact, I just had to book myself four days alone in the woods to be able to find time to focus on my writing! No phone, no internet, just me and my guitar and any creative impulses that come for four whole days. It will be heavenly. Or really hard...or probably both. 

But I digress...

I guess I am left with this question: what is the next small action I can take toward creating what I want my life to be? I am an artist. I am a singer. I am a songwriter. I am a manager. Because of all of the different work I have done, I possess many skills and now I am really ready to take a look inside and figure out what I really need to say in this lifetime. With all that is going on in the world, I feel we artists are called upon to stand up, make our art, create something new, and foster understanding and love. 

Here is my artist commitment for the week: I will play my guitar every day, and write my morning pages. I will update and share my SoundCloud. I will research preamps for my guitar. But most of all, I am going to attempt to treat my artist like she deserves to be heard and to know that every day comes with a chance to do something toward making my art.