Birthday musings - Alright, 36. Let's do this!

35 was epic. I mean EPIC

First and foremost, this is the year that I finally surrendered and had a breakthrough with my health and I am so happy to be pain-free for the first time in years. #chronicpain is no joke, and for now, I am happy to say it is behind me.

And I accomplished a BUNCH. I made this list for myself and thought it would be fun to share it with you. It is basically in chronological order.

- Helped produce and execute a tour of the Southern United States with the @OIGC and @SFGMC- Completed very successful final holiday season with OIGC and then moved on from that position

- Became the #creativedirector at @WaxsimileProductions

- For half the year, I did not consume any grains, dairy, processed sugar, coffee, and nuts. #AIP

- Did over 40 performances of #IronShoes with @kitka_pictka

- Recorded, mixed, mastered, promoted (am still promoting), and released my second solo album, #TheNextLine on @WaxsimileProductions.

- Planned. promoted, and executed my first tour as a solo artist.

- Toured to New Mexico, Mendocino, Los Angeles, and San Diego with @TrueLifeTrio

and that is just the career-oriented stuff. I made huge strides spiritually and mentally as well but that is harder to describe and can really only be experienced through the actions I take. and so, I am excited for this coming year. Looking forward to continuing the forward motion, expanding the capacity loving and joy, deepening my understanding of this crazy thing called life, ROCKING, and standing up for the rights of all human beings.

Thank you for a great year, world. Day one of the next trip around the sun. See you at 37!

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