ONE MORE WEEK! Iron Shoes comes to a close

For the last four months, I have had the great pleasure and honor of making art with an incredible group of people. Fifteen actor/singer/dancers working tirelessly on a play under the guidance of the composer Janet Kutulas, director Erika Chong Schuch, playwright Michelle Carter, and stage manager Katie Basu. It is called Iron Shoes and it is safe to say that it has changed me on a deep level. 

Iron Shoes is the telling of three fairy tales from Eastern Europe (two from Russia, and one from Romania). In these stories, the protagonists are, through a series of events and misunderstandings, cursed to wander the wilderness to wear out a pair of Iron Shoes. 

The play is an exploration about telling stories, taking control of our own narratives, and gaining empathy through walking in other people's shoes. 

Today, we finished our 34th performance and we have 5 more. One more week. I don't quite know how I am going to feel about this show ending. It has been an incredible experience that I will never forget. 

Here are some reviews of Iron Shoes:
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