The phases of songwriting

As a songwriter, I go through phases and they are as follows:

1. The quiet: Avoidance and resistance coupled with guilt because I know that my muse is always ready when I am. I can always tell when I am in avoidance when I have listened to a bunch of marketing podcasts and am working on yet another worksheet to figure out my why... I know my why! I make music for connection to myself and other human beings. I make music because it brings about healing and joy. I do love learning about the music industry all of the things to make a music career a viable path and I am doing that, but really, I have to be creative for survival.

2. The attempt: Buckle down and just freaking try (this is where I'm at today and this week). This part usually plays itself out in about 50 incomplete ideas. My phone fills up with voice memos, really good starts at songs, decent hooks, and a bunch of stuff that I would shrivel up and hide about if anyone heard it.

3. The storm: This is when the magic happens and it usually involves surrender, commitment, and a deep curiosity about what I need to say and often a goal, like what happened in February Album Writing month. It often happens when I have fooled around enough to get through the top layer of easy outs, surface topics, and self-imposed pressure to be extra original. I am always happy to join in some existing challenge to increase accountability and make it a daily practice (hint hint, if anyone wants to do something like this with me)

Conclusion: The quiet parts are becoming shorter because I have learned that inspiration strikes whenever I try, and I am getting better about just freaking trying. This is my job now. To create and promote music, my own and that of artists I believe in.

So that is what I am doing today. Trying. I started 3 different songs and demoed another one. If anyone would like to hear the demo, please DM me and I will send it to you. I would love some feedback!

end thought processing session.

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