Local Spin: Interview with Briget Boyle


(Photo by April Renae)

When I ponder my favorite singer-songwriters, I think about musicians that are authentic, honest, and speak from the inside out.  Catchy hooks don’t hurt, either.  Local musician Briget Boyle (www.brigetboyle.com) exemplifies these characteristics in her debut solo album, The Parts Interior.  After many years spent performing in an assortment of music groups within multiple musical genres, Briget has now broken out as an individual songwriter and the result is an album both emotionally resonant and beautifully harmonious!   I spoke with Briget about The Parts Interior and her journey to this point…

The Parts Interior: A review by Ginger Murray

“Great art is never perfect; perfect art is never great.”

― Edward Abbey

I once had the thrilling experience of sitting in the big tent at New York fashion week, bearing witness to my dear friend’s designs draped on leggy models as they stalked down the runway. Her clothes were gossamer and fluttered gracefully in arch sophistication.


Strangers, seeing those designs for the first time, could not have known what inspired them. But I did. I had seen the early sketches, the art book clippings, that long and painstaking process of idea to creation. The inspiration for those subtle pieces was in fact birds, ballerinas, Pierrot and David Bowie. But by the time they were on that stage, they were an entirely unique incarnation bearing only a hinted resemblance to those iconic tutus and tulled collars.

I was reminded of this while listening to Briget Boyle’s recently released solo album The Parts Interior. I have known and delighted in Boyle’s playing for years. She is a respected and accomplished member of the Balkan bandBrass Menažeri and the Kitka Eastern European Women’s Vocal Ensemble. This training and honoring of the form is in evidence in her other project, the True Life Trio — a distinctly folk oriented expression deeply rooted in traditional styles.

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