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Sayat Nvaq Ensemble - Silk Road Stories

  • Ashkenaz 1317 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley, CA (map)

Sayat Nvaq Ensemble is a San Francisco Bay Area group that delves into the rich traditions of Eastern Armenian music. The group draws its inspiration equally from the two main pillars of Armenian secular music: the classical, troubadour poet traditions of the Ashougs and Gousans such as Sayat Nova, Ashot, Djivani, & Sheram; as well as the popular, regional village music found throughout the countryside. The ensemble invites audiences, both old and new, to share their deep appreciation of this unique and evocative musical tradition.

Shea A.J. Comfort – duduk, shvi and ploul

Leslie Bonnett – voice and violin

Briget Boyle – harmonium and voice

Gary Haggerty - oud Haig Kassabian – dhol

Khatchadour Khatchadourian – voice and duduk