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Briget is passionate about sharing her love of music with students of all levels.
She teaches vocal technique and beginning guitar out of her home in North Oakland. Scroll down to learn more.  

Photo by April Renae

Photo by April Renae

Unleash Your Voice 

Briget teaches fun and inspiring voice lessons for singers of beginning to intermediate levels. Her vocal background is in Eastern European folk music, American folk and country music, and musical theatre. Her diverse experience can help singers of all genres improve through reconnecting to breath, expanding range, working on repertoire, and unleashing vocal potential. 

Group Singing Lessons

Do you have a singing group that could use some fine tuning? Or just friends that that you love singing with? You can now take a group lesson with Briget! She will spend time with each singer, masterclass style, helping with vocal production, blend, whatever else needs some attention.


Beginning Guitar

Have you wanted to learn how to play that guitar that has been sitting in the closet for all those years? Briget is the perfect teacher to show you the basics of your instrument. She focuses on helping you build a strong foundation for your guitar journey. The most important work is done at the beginning, and Briget will help you start off on the right foot. 


“Briget is a caring and skillful teacher! She worked with me to develop my natural singing voice, focusing on pure tone, flexibility and expression. She was very open-minded and adjusted her lessons to my needs. Her beautiful, precise voice and contagious love of music also helped to motivate me as a student. I highly recommend her for private lessons.” - Danielle

“I've been taking voice lessons with Briget for 4 months. Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I'm learning new and valuable vocal skills, and, as a result, gaining confidence as a singer. Briget is an inspired teacher. She's great fun to work with, and even more fun to sing with.” - Nancy

“Briget is a wonderful teacher with a great diagnostic ear. Since I’ve started lessons with her I’ve dropped many unconscious bad habits.  My core range has expanded and I’ve been able to blend better and have more control over volume, tone, and vowels. I feel more in tune with my body and vocal instrument. Briget is also a wonderful and intuitive human.” - David

“Briget is a knowledgeable, supportive, and fun voice teacher. She taught me more useful techniques in the first few weeks than everything I had learned before that! And she is great at helping you build confidence in your singing.” - Joyce